...a company consists of millions of parts, but the most important one is…
                                                                                               ...the human

As of now, our company employs about 14 workers.


Our vehicles are operated by qualified and specialized employees. All of our truck drivers have a certificate of competence in compliance of paragraph 95 of the professional driver qualification law (BKrFQG) and were trained extensively and closely by our regular team drivers. Because of this, every single of our motorists is an expert on his subject and fulfills his tasks always conscientiously, rule-consistent and in light of the available possibilities.


Still, we are all human, so our company tries to create a pleasant and homely atmosphere, which makes it possible to approach our tasks without any stress or rush and, of course, to impress our employer with our established expertise, our professional competence and our performance.

The enterprise “Frank Herbarth GmbH & Co KG” profits from a strong and capable management, which complies with the formalities mentioned above, values and – not least – asserted them enforced them often:

We hope our services meet your requirements and we impress you with our competence, the expertise of our drivers and the entrepreneurial drive of our company, Frank Herbarth GmbH & Co KG.

Your questions are welcomed at any time. You can reach out to us by calling the phone number detailed below or by sending an e-mail. We will cater for your specific needs and attempt everything possible to meet them.

Your Herbarth-Team